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Am I wrong?

My boyfriend is really mad at me rn cause he found messages in my phone of me chatting with an old coworker and selling him nude photos of myself for money. BUT he’s been calling me fat and ugly a lot lately he literally NEVER compliments me or says nice things to make me feel pretty EVER and I’ve told him this many times, I need that. I’ve been feeling so down about myself lately.. he wonders why I don’t initiate sex or do stuff like that but I feel so unsexy I don’t even want him looking at me I just want to hide my body.. I mean if you won’t pay attention to your partner or compliment them or make them feel attractive/wanted and you just constantly put them down or call them names, how can you be mad when someone else eventually does?? Am I right? And it’s not like I have any interest in that guy whatsoever. I just desperately needed the money. Plus, I would NEVER do anything physical with anyone else when I’m in a relationship EVER. And I feel it’s worth mentioning that he’s also hit up countless girls in the past and even asked some for sex so he’s not innocent. 

NO rude comments pls I don’t need to hear it I’m fully aware how toxic and unhealthy this sounds and I’m working on it so pls, I just need advice and second opinions right now.. what would you tell him? Do you think that’s fair? I’m gonna show him the answers and input I get on this...

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    Look, what you did wasn’t the smartest thing to do. Even if you don’t have money, you must not do things that degrade you. That is a lesson learned. It is in the past. We all make mistakes , but if we acknowledge the mistake and learn from them we will grow. It sounds like you have moved 9n from that stage and that you are more sensible and careful for your reputation . But you do have confidence issues. You have a low self esteem. Somehow I feel that that is a result from your upbringing and you have not learned to accept yourself for who you are. That is something you have to work out and maybe you need some help to build up your self esteem. And that your partner calls you fat is not helping you. That is very mean and unacceptable. I am sure he doesn’t look like Tom Cruise ? Surely, at least a little respect can be expected from someone that loves you ? So, you both have to work on being respectful to each other and accept each other the way you both are. Leave the past where it is. There is nothing you Can do about the past so why bring it Up. Forget about it and start a new chapter. Fresh, new, today !

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    Selling yourself, even if it's just nudes, is wrong.

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    I would but I think I'll need pics to give a really complete answer.....

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