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What gives people the right to hack your computer over getting your $$$$?

Don't move to Dublin and Hilliard, OH, it sucks and since everyone in town and tricked me into things, used fraudulent contracts, and keeps putting fake restraining orders, and stealing my land. Yes, you stole it. I am back charging the entire state till I get an inheritence and can travel overseas like my half brother and brothers get to. Anyways, a heads up for you, the government and education centers are using illegal methods to get paid as well as publications and libraries, let me explain. If you truly hated or better at something than your family and they take you out of said will and testament. They beat you up, frame you for drugs, and use to trick you into downloading books. Record companies like Jive, RCA, and BMI, and the democratic and republican parties are using this as illegal fundraising, as well as harassing israeli- americans and jewish and christians denying their proper claims to Israel and overseas, royals, and netanyaui is an embarassment, and bribing judges. Besides the boy bands from the 1990's picked Kimberly Johnson, who is no smarter than rocks in a sock, so you know they're stupid and hate freedom, love, and God!

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    WTF are you on about?

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