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This is why LeBron is not top 10. What you think?

6 finals loses

Needs a lot of help to win a championship

Struggles to win it with a superteam

Shot under 40% in 2 finals

No defense 2014,2017 & 2018 finals

Major choke 2011 finals

Eastern conference


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    agreed 100 percent hes trash honestly who even knows him anymore 

  • 1 month ago

    Lebron not being Top 10 All Time is pushing it too far. IMO

    Those flaws listed can diminish his GOAT argument but I think he had accomplished much to merit him to be Top 5 All Time despite those low points in his career.

  • Steve
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    1 month ago

    This is no defense for LeBron, but your about needing a lot of help to win a championship does not hold water because most Superstars that have won a championship have had some pretty good help. Although, he too, had pretty good players to help, Kawhi Leonard is the closest to the exception. Allen Iverson might have done the most with the least even though he didnt win a championship. Ill also add that sometimes championships shouldnt disqualify a player from being one of the best because things have to work out just right in their favor and there is often such strong roadblocks like Jordan or Kobe.

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