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How are viruses isolated and how can the public check that?

Where can the information of the isolated virus be found and how the isolation itself is made? where, how and who does it? are there other viruses that can serve as example of all these procedures?

Of course leaving aside all government websites and "official ducumentation"

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    1 month ago

    There are multiple ways to isolate viruses, usually by filtering or using a centrifuge. Viruses are very small, so a filter can catch most of the contents of your cell and collect the virus. The info is pretty common practice and standard knowledge for those with biology related degrees or who are working in a lab. Many people do it. Researchers at public and private universities, private research labs, some hospitals, and government health organizations do it. It's not a very complicated process. Every common virus has been isolated like this. You're asking how you can check that without official documentation, so I'm not really sure what to tell you? Your other option would be to get a degree in biology to understand what you're doing for yourself and gain access to a lab. 

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