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question about HSV type 1?

I recently went to get tested for Herpes Type 1 and Type 2. 

While Type 2 was normal, Type 1 was showing to have Anti Bodies of 6.68.

Does this mean I have HSV type 1? The number being presented is > 1.09.

Could this also be a false positive? I haven't had sexual encounters since mid 2019. 

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    What a waste. No reason to get tested for herpes with a blood test.

    Herpes type I is very common and mostly oral. Come on now sexual encounters? You see little kids running around with type I oral herpes. 

    One gets tested for herpes when they present with a lesion and the lesion is tested and that way one proves that it is herpes and also that it is active and you know where it is located like oral or genital. You can't do that with blood tests. It doesn't tell you where it was or it doesn't tell you if it is active or ever will be active again. 

  • Craig
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    Herpes is for life.  It doesn't go away and there's no cure.  A person who contracted it in 1980 would still have it, even if they hadn't touched anyone else since then.

    You should depend on your doctor to interpret your test results, unless the interpretation is printed right on the report you were given.  That would be the person to ask about false positives.

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    have you tried asking your doctor

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