EPL Reg's, please tell me the pandemic will have ended well before next summer ?

If not, god help us..

how have you all been coping out of interest, especially in this lockdown ? what have you been doing to keep yourselves occupied ? working hard and making lots of money like me ? ^_^

or just being locked down in locked down ?


lmao @ " I'm sure I could run around a pitch again for 90 mins only it would be at a snail's pace and I would be 10 yards off the play."  : ))

join the club mate.

I lost whatever little stamina I had the moment I became addicted to heroin ^_^

j/k !


4 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I am not so sure man as people are ignoring these l9ckdowns and hanging around on stret corners coughing and gobbing on passes by.

  • 1 month ago

    Lockdowns won’t stop until at Least next year, maybe not even then, I’d get used to living like this.

  • 1 month ago

    Work wise just ticking over but enjoying the step back from work for the first time since I left school.

    So decided to change diet and fitness routine it has payed off I now have the same stamina as I did at 25. I'm sure I could run around a pitch again for 90 mins only it would be at a snail's pace and I would be 10 yards off the play. Ha

    It's my 18 year old daughter I feel sorry for I was never in the house at her age they are the best times for going out but she is happy and cheery and baking cakes.

    My 85 year old mum had her 1st Covid jab last week so hopefully won't be long before we can pop round and see again rather than chats on phone.

    At Blackburn I have had enough of Tony Mowbray(He's too old school)I would like to see Tim Sherwood or Chris Sutton given the helm this summer(We will just miss out on play offs again).

    btw 17-year old Liverpool loanee Harvey Elliott has been are star player this term he is Skilful and tenacious. Hopefully be back at Ewood for next season(surely) and watch him play in the flesh so to speak(can't f*cking wait)

  • 1 month ago

    Struggling a little Aces... Most of us in UK should had vaccine by start of next season if you believe Government Figures...The virus will still be around us but hopefully with the vaccine we can get on with our lives and enjoy watching football teams inside grounds.. And remember you still owe me your trip to SOUTHAMPTON...lol

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