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Do you think that Trump's permanent ban and deplatforming from mainstream social media has already done much to help improve our nation?

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    Absolutely, it has restored peace and prosperity to the united states of America. 

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    Only if you like censorship.

    Lets face it the President of Mexico Felipe Calderón and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel both believe that it is a dangerous move.

    They believe that free speech is paramount to a free society.

    So do you disagree with them and believe that censorship is the way to go?

    Keep in mind that many of your fellow citizens and the ACLU disagree with censorship and believe that this sets a dangerous precedent.

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    It use to be years ago that the President did not say much unless he has something really important to say.   (Yesterday,   December 7th,  a day that will live in infamy.).    That kind of thing.    Then along comes Obama who comments on football games and things of no import.    Then along came Donald who commented ALL THE TIME...   It got to the point that what he said was just worthless and no one really paid attention to what he said....

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    If you care about stability of the existing USA for the future, it was a detrimental move and will increase polarization.  There's some benefits to polarization, though.  People are more likely to side with radical views and they will be forced to pick a side, and it increases the possibility of the US splitting up which benefits the right-wing.  Corporate Big Tech censorship pushed by Democrats since 2016 has only furthered polarization, not helped.  You don't execute someone by femininely "cancelling" them.  They don't go away, you just pissed off Trump and all of his followers.  What you are really looking for is a systematic genocide.

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