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How much can someone raise their credit limit in 1 year?


I’m not asking in regards to myself. I was curious in general and that’s why I asked in THIRD PERSON

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    How much has their income and credit increased in the past year?  Credit Limits are based on both.

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    By doing nothing.  Credit scores normally go up over time when the person is not doing anything to raise them.  Raising a score by doing something sometimes takes much longer; if you do something to make it go up, it will often go down for a year before it goes up.

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    What is it that you don't understand about the word "limit"?

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    I think they change the criteria on a daily basis so no one knows.

    I have no idea what mine is and really don't care.  I've been writing checks and paying everything off in full for almost 20 years.  That includes my house and several cars.

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