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My sisters boyfriend send her threatening messages, Will the cops act upon this and land the teenager in jail?

I have screenshots from messenger where my sis boyfriend Sent her threatening messages. He threatened her to reply back, or that she needs to go to him etc that if she doesn’t he’s going to go to my parents house & shoot up the place.Also he has hurt her before I’ve seen bruises on her various times.Shes not open to talking to me but I know what’s going on. She goes with him a lot & it’s times when I’m either sleeping or at work.I don’t live with my parents so I’m very limited on what I can do.One time the boys mom called the cops on her own son because she saw him mistreating her. The cops came but left because supposedly they didn’t find bruises on her & my sister said that he doesn’t hurt her. Proof wise I have the screenshots from her messenger of what he wrote. I have a video where u can hear him arrive at my moms house one day at 3am asking for his “fish tank” back,he breaks  my sisters window. His mom took him that same morning she said she took him at 4am to the hospital he got stitches.The mom told me she didn’t know what happened that he came home like that &wouldn’t say what happened but I have spoken to her already about things. I have screen recordings his Instagram where he shows his stitched hand. I have screen recordings of him recording stuff like weed, wax,&selling it.looks like he goes delivers to people because he writes on there the prices etc. His profile pic is him with a gun.A few pics he is holding a gun he scribbled his face out purposely


I’m very afraid for my sisters life. I had a friend who got murdered by her boyfriend December 26, 2016. My friends mom would put restraining orders, they would call the cops whenever he would show up. Nothing ever happened. He kept hurting my friend until one day he ending up murdering her.  I’m afraid to ask for help from cops because they are not going to be protecting my parents house nor my sister 24/7. I can’t protect my sister the whole time. I work and I dot. Sleep there. 

Update 2:

If I put a restraining order, the kid will get more mad & afraid he will do the worst that it will just escalate everything even more. He already has gone too far though breaking my sisters window, hurting her, and now I have proof of threatening messages that involves him saying he will bring a gun and shoot out the whole place if my sister doesn’t respond &doesn’t go bring his stuff to him. that kid lives super close to my parents house, my parents can’t move cause they have a lease rn

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    If your sister is a minor, your parents should be involved in all of this.   Unfortunately, until your sister asks for help and actually cooperates with the police, there's little you can do but convince your sister to file a complaint.

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    Yes, the police will address that

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    Give this kid back his stuff asap.  Then, you need to go to the Police asap.   File a report, and tell them that you want to file “Aggravated Menacing” charges against this kid.   Get a restraining order against him.  If possible, get an Attorney;  if you can’t afford one go to your local Legal Aid Office.  The police need to be involved.   This kid belongs in jail.  Your sister needs to STOP seeing him; ask her if she wants him to kill one of you.  Keep a journal;  write down each incident;  take pictures;  judges like pictures and journals.  Things are only going to get worse if you do nothing.  

    IF possible - MOVE.   

    Good luck.  

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    Give his stuff back and send your sister to visit relatives until he cools down.

    After he gets his stuff back, he may quit harassing her.  Make sure the police know about this, because often they can scare the violent person off and if anything does happen to her, they'll know where to look.  Give his stuff back quickly.

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    Take all your evidence to the police IMMEDIATELY and file a  report. 

    worse to comes to worse......they'll at least have Suspect #1  on record. 

    Try to convince your sister to file a restraining order, and if he even comes near her again after that,   do not hesitate to call the cops for violation of the restraining order. 

    Next time you see bruises on your sister, try to get photo's. 

    Keep a journal of the daily abuse. Courts need EVIDENCE to act. 

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