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how does one cast the chart for Inauguration of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris? anyone who has done this, which ascendant degree of which sign?

can explain anything too about this?

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    Like any other chart, you'd need the date, (Jan 20, 2021), the location (Washington DC) and the time (12 noon is the scheduled time, and the legal time although the actual swearing in might be a few minutes later).

    The ASC at noon is 18 Taurus 10 and the MC is 20 Capricorn 25.  However, since the inauguration takes place every four years at the same place and time, the angles are about the same as this one.  So Venus always rules the ASC and Saturn always rules the MC. Venus' sign position could vary a bit every four years, but she will always be in one of three signs, Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius.  Saturn remains in a sign for about 2 1/2 years so his position will vary.  This year Saturn is in Aquarius, his domicile, and Venus is in Capricorn. The Sun is always in Capricorn at at noon will always be close to the MC. 

    The VP is inaugurated some time after the President. Usually no one looks at it.  Maybe this year they ought to.  It won't be much different from the President's except the Moon may move from Aries (at noon) to Taurus as the Moon is at 29 Aquarius at noon.  It will probably still be at 29 Aquarius unless there is a longer than usual delay. 

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    Watch the inaugration on TV .. the moment one of them completes their oath of office (".... so help me God." write down the exact time.  They will not both take their oaths at the same time, so you will be doing two charts.

    Make sure the time you write down is what time it is in Washington DC, where these oaths are being made ... NOT the time where YOU are (unless you do live in the Eastern Time Zone).

    The chart will have the full date, the exact time, and the location (District of Columbia).

    I recommend using either or to do your free charts.

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    "No such thing as a serious astrologers"

    Are you trying to display your ignorance? 

    "See anyone here complaining about being in the entertainment section? "

    Yes you are.

    Inauguration charts are supposed to describe the nature of the Administration. They are cast for the moment the new President (or re-elected President) says "I do." However the President is the President as of noon with or without the ceremonial swearing in, so casting it for noon is OK and only those with an over-active Virgo nature time it to the second.

    Since the angles are always nearly the same for every swearing-in the nature of the rulers and the dispositors of those planets are probably best to look at.  So Taurus rises (as usual) and Capricorn is on the MC (as usual) so we look at Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius.  Since Saturn rules both Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn gets my vote for the chart ruler. And since Saturn rules the MC he represents the Presidency, if not the President himself. 

    Saturn is dignified in Aquarius (befitting a new President), elevated (ditto) and tightly combust the Sun (uh oh).   Looking at this alone (this is not a hard and fast prediction), I'd say he's gone in about three months or less. If that happens (at any time) a whole new chart takes over with the swearing in of the new President. No telling what that will look like. Harris is having her second Saturn return in a few years.  That ought to be interesting. 

    The more I look at the Mars-Uranus conjunction square Jupiter the less I like it. Jupiter rules the 8th house of death as well as the 11th.  In mundane charts the 11th rules advisers and the Congress. Mars (in detriment) is the exaltation ruler of the 10th and the domicile ruler of the 7th house of war. Saturn squares that transiting conjunction, and is conjunct Jupiter. Mars and Saturn as chart rulers can indicate a major war or some other major destruction or evil.   Spooky chart. 

    If there are any serious astrologers out there, try looking at the inauguration chart using whole sign houses. That might be worse than this one. 

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    No such thing as a serious astrologers. See anyone here complaining about being in the entertainment section? 

    Do you really give a Rat's behind? Astrology fails to predict anything.

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