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Can you answer my question about syphilis ?

After an isolated encounter when a man performed oral sex on me and I did not touch his penis or so much as kiss him back , he has contacted to to say he tested positive for syphilis and I need to get a sexual health check up . This sexual encounter  happened 20th December just gone . This guy claimed to have got it through someone giving him oral and nothing else early November . Thankfully I live in a decent country and was able to have  a telephone consultation with the GUM clinic today and the lady was very doubtful that I got syphilis through receiving oral and kind of hinted she doubts he got it that way . She is posting me all kinds of home testing kits . I saw this guy and he said these professionals always play things down so as not to worry people , but for her to say there is a miniscule risk of catching syphilis this way would be unprofessional if it is not true .  Do you think he has been dishonest  , after all he told me he gets a monthly sexual health check up so presumably he is promiscuous .

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    No, the doctor is right and that guy is a moron. Doctors don't downplay anything, as doing so would be extremely counterproductive. It is possible he could have contracted it through oral, though, but I also doubt he contracted it this way. I wouldn't get involved with this guy again, if I were you.

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