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software for making an index for a pdf file?

is adobe acrobat the only one?


I MEAN AN INDEX for a pdf engineering book that doesn't have it.

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  • Vaman
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    2 months ago

    Use latex compiler like texstudio. Type the index in document style and compile it. It will give the index in the pdf form. You need to use latex language. It is simple.

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    2 months ago

    Acrobat is the de facto stamdard. there are other ways to do it, but they are all either very tricky, or cost money.

    you could just do it all in Word, then make a PDF.

    just be sure to save the Word doc, in case you need to make changes later...

  • 2 months ago

    EDIT TO ADD: If the PDF Engineering Book was created properly, you can copy the entire thing out of the PDF (CTL+A = Select All, CTL+C = Copy, Ctl+V = Paste in MS Word.  Then go about creating the index, and finally, Print to PDF. 

    Original Comment: I would use MS Word to create the document, and it has indexing. then all I have to do is print the document to PDF and it's done.  

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