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Joe Biden will have Mars squaring his natal Pluto on Inauguration that really a bad sign? why or not?

what it might mean?  Also, I noticed Harris has Mars opposing Mercury post 5 degrees...but has Sun squaring Mercury, and moon opposing Mercury . as well as Mercury opposing Mars nearly exact on that day. PLUS she has Pluto squaring her Sun and Moon and also, in her solar return she has Mars square Pluto nearly exact. what it might mean? (along with  Mars conjunct mundane Uranus exact on Inauguration Day...on the horn of Aries)

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    Transits affect our inner psychology, and the faster a planet moves, the less influence it has on us.  Two considerations with Biden having transiting Mars square his natal Pluto:

    (1) Everyone born about plus/minus 2 to 3 years from Joe will ALSO have Mars squaring their Pluto.  Because Pluto moves so slowly, they will all have Pluto close to each other.  Therefore, any transit to an outer slow-moving planet is for the age group in general, but not likely to be specific to the individual ... depending on other aspects and on how natal Pluto is configured in the individual person's natal chart.

    (2) Mars will take about a week to be in orb of squaring Biden's Pluto, so this is very fast (in comparison, a transit of Pluto to a natal planet will last 4 TO 5 YEARS, so it is a major transit.

    Nonetheless .... T. Mars sq. N.Pluto indicates a very high energy level .. it can be a time of getting a lot done OR a time of creating a lot of opposition.  However, consider the person.  Biden has had over 70 years to learn how to use his Pluto drive in a constructive way and is a skilled statesman. 

    For Harris, Mercury moves even faster than Mars, and Sun moves at about the same rate.

    But PLUTO swuaring her natal Sun and Moon .. this means huge change in how she seeks to express herself in life and in how she handles her own emotional reactions.  HOWEVER, these long-term transits are very weak at the beginning, and she is still in the weak phase of this transit.  It will be 2023, 2024, 2025 (especially 2025) when she is going to feel the transit the most. It will bring major inner shifts within her, that will cause outer changes in her life as well.

    As for Solar Returns, my mother (who was also an astrologer), researched them for years. She found that IF you take the Sidereal precession into account, you get a very different chart, but that this worked. Just erecting a regular Solar Return chart did not seem to produce accurate results. And my mother found that ONLY those planets (natal or solar return planets) that were conjunct the angles had a GENERAL impact on the year to come.  She did about 10,000 charts plus a 10,000 control size and did the Chi-square test to test for significance of her results.  I played around with regular Solar Return charts, and found nothing except that if there was a stelium of planets in one of the Solar Return houses, that area of life was more active during that year.

    I just don't bother with Solar Returns anymore.

    There will be those who disagree with me, and it doesn't mean they are wrong, nor I am wrong. Astrologers need to work with the different theories, not basing their judgements on impressions, and over some years figure out what seems to produce results ... and what doesn't.

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    There is an aphorism in astrology that the natal chart of the head of state becomes the national chart while that person is in charge.  For the past 70 or so years, astrologers have preferred to use national "birth" charts.  The problem with this approach is determining when a nation began.  There are multiple charts for the US, for example, and several are used for the UK.  It's kind of a mess. 

    When that aphorism was bandied about, leaders weren't elected.  They ruled by birthright until they died, some other nation overthrew them, or a family member murdered them.  The problem with using the natal chart is that any head of state has a private and a public life.  So is this transit going to affect Biden personally or the nation as a whole or both?  That requires a great deal of work and several other charts.

    Transiting Mars will also be in a very tight conjunction to transiting Uranus, and if both are squaring Biden's natal Pluto that could be significant, if the other charts needed agree. 

    Biden's Pluto is at 7 Leo.  Pluto moved so slowly then that I can't imagine how many people have this square at the same time.  This is why I don't like using the outer planets in natal astrology. There will not be an explosion of things happening to everyone born with Pluto at or near 7 Leo on or about Jan 20.  Since his Pluto isn't prominent, I'm not expecting much.  In the 7th I might be scared.  The transiting conjunction occurs in his natal 6th house of illness, and lets face it, he is a prime candidate for the first President to be removed via the 25th Amendment, or, if he's still lucid, the second to resign. Pluto is in his 9th - foreign affairs. Look for him to screw up something right away. 

    If you want to do this right, you'd need his solar return and some primary directions.  I'm not going to do all of that.  I know he's going to screw up everything without astrology. 

    RE: Harris, I'm guessing you mean "past 5 degrees," which isn't the way it's expressed.  If you actually meant "post" five degrees, I have no idea what you're talking about.  If you meant "past five degrees" the expression is "separating by five degrees."  Separating aspects mean the action is in the past. So it's probably nothing at this point

    FYI, my first astrology teacher taught me, "Transits are not enough."  They are usually triggers of something else in the natal  or one of the predictive charts.  Transits are the lazy man's way of prediction. You need more, and I'm not spending the time necessary to do it when 99% of the people on here won't understand it much less read it. . 

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