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Does one fall for the person or for the art?

A girl drew me a portrait, as my friend told me. When I found out I asked her to show it to me and she said I mistook and that the person in that portrait was another one, not me. Actually it had a birth mark on the arm exactly on the same point I had it. But anyway. The girl was blushing and wanted to go away and when I asked her why she drew me and why she made me even better than I really am she blushed even more and said it's just a drawing. My friend couldn't hold his laughters and it was so embarassing cause the girl was so red and cute and I couldn't help but find her cute. Then I asked her if I could keep it and she told me it's not possible and took her folder and went away. I feel so bad that she went away like that. I also saw her other drawings (she draws also cartoons, anime and landscapes) and it's just pure talent. She doesn't even go to a course or whatever. She doesn't speak much and people say when teachers explained she used to draw in the middle of the lesson. She has also high grades and once gave her poem to a girl so that she could candidate for a contest in her name, because she felt too shy to read it or present it herself. I also feel a connection to her poems. I just have a crush on her because she's cute in a not so typical way, or maybe am I just into her art? Have I fallen for her or for art? I don't see her as a hot girl to date. But her poems move me and her drawings tell me something.

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    If you only want to date girls you deem "hot", you're not worth dating. Leave her alone, she's too good for you.

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    You'd hardly be the first to fall for the art rather than the artist. Ask the ex-wife of any painter or rockstar how that worked out for them .

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    Your tale is a sweet one, and it matters not whether you have fallen for her or her art; what matters is that you like her and are "drawn" to her.  She doesn't seem available, however, probably shy, etc.  Continue being pleasant and show an interest in her, perhaps she'll come around eventually,and then, you'll find out if it is "her" or "her art". Good luck,  

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