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How come nobody wants to be around me?

I'm 26 years old and never connected.. WITH ANYBODY. never had a real friend in my life. Even though I don't get along with people in generally therefore don't like them much, 

I've known of a few associates throughout my life where we was on good terms. If I saw them on the street I would nod or maybe even chat for a quick min. But I never a friend or friends. Where we have each other's number and would stay in contact. And hang out sometimes. Never.

And I've never had a girlfriend in my life either, and still a virgin. I don't get why people dont like me. I'm the only person on the planet whos had little human communication. And no connections

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  • Can relate to this on a deep level, but at the same time you can't really get connected with people if you limit yourself to doing so. Just gotta put yourself out there more for it to happen.


    Just a little tip from a resident antisocial, is all.

  • Dimple
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     Because you probably can't hold a conversation.  When i'm doing ALL the talking and i don't get a response back.. or if it's a one liner.. i feel like that person is not interested in talking to me.. so i leave them alone. 

    You are probably doing that. 

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