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How can i migrate?

I prefer europe or america. But the reality is, i dont have much money. But i can have debt, if needed. Im mentally ready to migrate. My family supports me 90%.  I'll convince them. You see this is my english level in order to live in the English-speaking countries.. Im not an overly qualified person but i might be a worker. Im open to any work experience. I just want to see THE WORLD. like i said, im mentally prepared. What do you have to advise me?

My luggage is full of hopes and positivity. Thats all i have. 

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    No money and no skills equals no migration. Hopes and positivity counts for next to nothing.

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    "My family supports me 90%.  I'll convince them"

    That would get you a 'no'.

    No canadian border official would allow entry to anyone who cannot support themselves... I don't mind supporting other canadians but i can't afford to support the whole world.

    Try the USA, once covid is over they'll have lots of housing available.

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    You can pick lettuce in California...

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    If you're not qualified, you're not eligible for a work visa in either the US or anywhere in Europe.

    Every country has their own work visa requirements - take a look. Most require STEM degrees and specialist experience. 

    Your family support, and your mental health, is not relevant.

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