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How many petition signatures does one need to be a Miss Minnesota candidate?

Should someone try to recruit door to door house canvassers to collect petition signatures now? What about having canvassers present outside places like Public Libraries?

I assume one needs at least 10k petition signatures to be a candidate for Miss Minnesota. This is a good scholarship and can pay for my daughters college tuition that I have no money to pay outright.

She will be enrolling next year and I don’t have the savings to pay the bill for Vanderbilt University?

Could I maybe get the fellow teachers at the elementary school I teach at to help circulate petitions for my daughter’s run for Miss Minnesota?

I can’t afford to pay for Vanderbilt but I want to make Vanderbilt happen for her?


We are “between a rock and a hard place” as far as tuition goes. Our income is too high and they want me to take on all sort of Parent Loan for Undergraduate studies to fund her schooling. I already told her I won’t go into debt for fund her education or co-sign loans. 

She got no aid from Vanderbilt U and will be paying almost the full sticker price and she can’t afford it with just federal loans.

Update 2:

She could maybe 🤔 win the talent segment in the pageant as she is is fairly good as a singer and plays rock band with her friends.

The rest of the pageant is I assume really easy for a girl to win. It’s just walking cross the stage to claim her crown and get that big prize?

I also will not deplete retirement funds to pay for her Vanderbilt Education and she barely got in and I want her dream to happen? 

Update 3:

I ran the numbers to have her take out maximum federal student loans and then work while in college to pay for it and it would require working 24/7 with no breaks to not even pay for the tuition when earning federal minimum wage.

She can’t work her way through that school and she didn’t win many of the local scholarships she applied for. She wants to go to this school as opposed to getting a worthless degree from St Cloud State. 

Update 4:

I made a deal with her to calm her down when I explained the numbers on financing her education. I told her that if she won Miss Minnesota I might think of letting her go to Vanderbilt. I also said that if by some random chance managed to win Miss America she might get to re apply for colleges and might even get to go to Harvard. (Harvard rejected her).

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    Don't feed the troll.

  • fcas80
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    2 months ago

    I think this plan has a low probability of success.  If you are asking us how many petitions it takes, then you have not researched Miss Minnesota pageant very much.

    Who were the last five winners?  How many years did they prepare for this pageant?  What skills have impressed the judges in the pastfive years?  How many winners pay for a coach?  There are probably dozens of better questions to ask.

    You know, University of Minnesota is a fine university, and is much cheaper.

  • 2 months ago

    You don't get in by petitions; you get in by winning a local competition. All of which have been postponed due to Covid, so nothing is happening this year in any event.

    You need to fill out and submit the FAFSA ,and your daughter needs to apply for all available financial aid and scholarships, if she hasn't already. Forget the "sticker price"; you have absolutely no idea what a university will cost until her financial aid offers roll in.

    Vanderbilt has millions of dollars in university, federal and state grants and scholarships. Harvard has free tuition for families that earn less than $65K/year, and greatly reduced tuition for families that earn less than $150K/year. 

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