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Presidential Slogans For Current President Joe Biden In The 2020 United States Presidential Elections SHALL WE?

(For Historical Slogan Purposes Only): Our Best Days Still Lies Ahead, Unite For A Better America, No Malarkey! And Finally Battle For The Soul Of The Nation. Other Slogans: Scranton Or Park Avenue, I Choose Scranton And Scranton Wins (Since Joe Is From Scranton, Pennsylvania) (Sorry Donald Trump. Your Make America Great Again Days Are Over) 

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    Dave (1465) it is quite evident that like many Americans you do not know what 'Socialism' means and are pretty vague about Communism. That you confuse both with 'Democracy' is positively frightening.

    Do you really want to live in a dictatorship, run by a womaniser who thinks you can cure Covid with bleach?

    Oh, and I think you mean the lie is perpetuated, not perpetrated.

    Anonymous questioner: "Our Best Days still LIE Ahead." Unless you were making some kind of comment on the next president by being ungrammatical.

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    When was the last time you heard the word "Socialism" used in reference to the Democratic agenda?

    The word "Socialism" has been replaced with "Democracy" by the Left. It's still "Socialism" (or "Communism", depending on how far down the path you care to look), but by calling it "Democracy", it is easier for their supporters to digest and consequently support.

    Whatever you want to call it, it's a lie, and the lie is being perpetrated by the Left against every single person in this country.

    Only Trump supporters dare have the courage to see through it. The rest have been duped into believing in fairytales.

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    WRONG FORUM.Not related to History. Question reported for being miscastegorized. Also not a question. Reported for chat violation. . 

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