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Why do women work now?

It seems like doubling the work force only tripled the problems. How many problems at work wouldn't exist if it was just men or just women? Of course this doesn't apply to all women, but who is supposed to be raising the children now? The nanny?

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    "Why do women work now?"

    Unless one is born into a rich family, or marries into that, women MUST work now.  Society has irreversibly changed, mostly due to feminism.  Society was completely different in this regard only 40 years ago.  It's interesting to read some people's answers that make no mention whatsoever of that radical historical change.  As if men never provide for women and children for the entirety of history prior to this.  Read on.

    The second wave "women's liberation" was really the corporate hijacking of the legacy feminist movement in order to finance and promote the most radical elements that were around at that time, because their version of "feminism" made them useful idiots for the corporate cause. And that was to have women demand to enter the wage-slave workforce, thus doubling the supply of labour, rendering it worth half its value. Twice the workers, half the pay, twice the profit!

    Now that the entire economy has adjusted, all women -must- work whether they want to or not. Feminists forfeited that option on women's behalf when they stated that being a housewife was an "illegitimate profession", and then pushed women into the workforce with their deceptive idea that working in the family home was "oppressive" and that they could find their "liberation" in a corporate wage slave job, working every day for a corporate boss instead.


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    It takes two incomes to pay for housing.  The cost of housing quadrupled since the days when an entry-level job paid enough to support a family.   Wages do not keep up with inflation, either.

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    Gotta love these loaded questions.

    Having babies is not the default path.

    We all go to work because we want to buy things....we want to leave our parents/caregivers home and make our own way.

    Ever seen a grown man ask his girlfriend to take $ out of her investment account( from her job) to get his truck repainted/custom stereo? < you can laugh now>

    For guys and ladies:

    Not a requirement to get married( or re-married).

    Not a requirement to have babies.

    Not a requirement to pursue the same schooling as family members.

    Not a requirement to "stay in the neighborhood".


    For most folks ( male or female) it takes help to get started in life.....schooling, cars, first real apartment, furniture,blah blah blah.

    Summation= > The default path is not always the easiest and not always the best fit for most folks.

                             Never deny a lady the right to work, HOPING that she'll take the default path.

                             My experience has been that the lady will leave behind true friends( and these days,keep in touch via social media) and strike out on her own, making sacrifices the neighborhood folks would never dream of , so that she can make her own way.



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    This day and age is not the first time women have worked. Nor, did it start in the 60s and or the 70s; it began long before that.

    In history prior to the stock market crash of 1929 it was common place to have all your kids in school, mom at home and dad working and have the family do fairly well. Even so, that did not stop women from going out there to earn a few dollars along the way especially; single women, which does not say the married women didn't in turn. We have to use common sense. 

    So, then after the crash it became more prevalent that both should work; did the women hand their earnings to their husbands? That depends on the couple in mind. 

    Why did they work? They worked to make ends meet. Just as they do now.

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    The changing nature of the Western (mostly US) economy. By the 1970s, it was difficult for a family to live on a one-family income. Consequently, that driver plus the human potential movement which began in the 1940s was manifesting itself in women wanting to be "fulfilled" in a career. The issue of childrearing is complicated. Remember, just a generation or two before the post-WWII boom, many people lived in communities where aunts, uncles and grandparents could help with childcare. Now people began to follow their careers which may take them to far away parts of the country. No more relatives to help with the kiddos, but with added income (at least for a while), the daycare industry took off as parents could now place their children in daycare while at work. Once the children reached school age, most of their days were at school, which actually reduced childcare expenses, even if after-school programs were now needed even more. 

    Part of the problem is the quality of childcare which is, frankly, all over the map and highly dependent on income. The more money you make, the more you can afford high quality daycare, or even a nanny. I suspect this will be a correcting measure as the age in which children attend school will steadily drop reducing the need for private childcare. Another factor is increased automation which will eliminate many jobs as Artificial Intelligence takes over many jobs in the economy. Perhaps the 40-hour workweek may drop to 30-hours with flexible schedules, but policies would need to be in place to assure workers are protected, especially around meeting family needs. Otherwise, the gig economy will be the norm and instability will be increased. If you have been to Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries, they have some innovative pro-family policies.  

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    Women work because they want things. 

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    Patriarchy made them too

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    In the 1960s, corporates took over the feminist movement to lower wages. Family wage quickly disappeared. Second wave feminist activists collaborated with the corporates to achieve this. Both are responsible.

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    Most of them work out of necessity. Only a small portion of upper class moms can afford to be home full time even if they live with husband or partner. Children can and are being raised quite well by working moms. If women were paid equal wages for equal work that would solve a lot of problems.

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    Some women wanted to work during the rise of feminism and employers saw it as an excuse to lower wages to the point where a household cannot exist without two incomes. So now everyone needs to work. 

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