Question about Gcloud backup... I hope someone can help?

I have a question regarding Gcoud backup since it's been ages since I've used it, and what I'm about to ask, I've never done.  Is there a way to delete all old backups??  I ask because over the last few days I've been uploading nearly 1,000 pics to my laptop and deleted them from my cell.  I've also edited texts and updated my address book.  I've done a backup now but it's still showing backups from all last year and older.  How can I delete those easily??  I'd hate to have to delete each picture one by one, that'll take forever, along with the other stuff I spent so much time doing already.  I'm asking because I'm finally updating my older Galaxy S7 phone (had for nearly 5 years now) to a new one and when I do a Gcloud restore or whatever it's called, I also need to check that it really did backup my current texts and address book... I don't want anything I deleted showing up... So how do I delete old Gcloud backups??  ANY help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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