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How much more power do old fashioned box tv sets used compared to modern ones?

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    Back when CRT TVs were dominant, the most popular size by far was a 21” screen (measured diagonally just like all other display screens). 

    Typical consumption of a 21” CRT was 120W per hour.

    It’s now hard to find 21” LCD TVs, and bear in mind that being widescreen their total screen area is smaller than a 21” CRT, but their typical power consumption is 55W per hour. 

    Same deal with 21” LED TVs: an LED TV has a screen which is still an LCD but the backlighting is provided by lower energy consumption LEDs. So their typical power consumption at that size is 38W per hour.

    The latest technology, OLED, uses no backlighting at all. So they will be even more energy efficient. But I’m unaware of anyone manufacturing a 21” OLED model. As an informed guesstimate based upon many years selling and renting TVs (yep, some people still rent!) I would conservatively estimate that if they were available, a 21” OLED would consume about 25W per hour; it may even be as low as 20W/h.

    The larger screened CRTs got very bulky and heavy, so it was rare to see them larger than about 32” whether conventional screen size or widescreen. Their sheer size and weight limited demand for larger screens. The largest I ever dealt with was an enormously bulky non-widescreen Toshiba which was a 37” screen. But regardless of all that, power consumption rose hugely as CRTs went up in size.

    From memory, a 25” CRT (the next “standard” size from 21”) typically consumed 190W/h and a 28”CRT (the largest “standard” size) consumed about 250W/h. The technology used meant that they needed plenty of ventilation at the back and ran very hot indeed. 

    Nobody I know of made 28” LCD/LED models, but the next standard size up for widescreen TVs was 32” and that had approximately the same screen area as a 28” non-widescreen CRT. So where a 28” CRT would typically consume 250W/h, a 32” LCD model typically used about 110W/h; a 32” LED about 50W/h and a 32” plasma was around 160W/h. 

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