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Why did boardwalk empire act like it skipped a season between 4 and 5?

Suddenly MR. ROTHSTEIN who was a huge part of seasons 1-4 is not on season 5 and its said he was killed by an unknown assasin in the first couple episodes, yet Rothstein was in nearly every episode before 

Also Al Capone suddenly has huge facial scars.

Lucky Lycciano suddenly has a lazy eye and scar.

Was that intentional or did the young actor have a stroke?

Then Chalky White, is in a prison chain gang, and looks older with grey hair. 

The previous seasons had so much character development.

An entire season could have showed these things.

Like 6 seasons.

Was it because they knew there would be no season 6 or a tv movie?

Sopranos for example never made a big gap like that.

Why did boardwalk empire make season 5 take place years later? 


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    From what I saw online, it looks like the show had steadily declining viewership over the course of 4 years and was very expensive to produce. So HBO decided to just give them one final shortened season for the end, so the creator decided to jump ahead 7 years to what was supposed to be the last season and show the end of Nucky's story because he was the main character, even tho he had planned a lot of stuff in between but they were unable to get to it. 

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