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Why are Pisces obsessed with Aquarius and try to copy Gemini?

You can't be like someone's who's unemotional when you are! 

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    Because they don't like being a Water sign. They think being emotional is not a good trait, which is why they admire the characteristics of Air signs much more than theirs.

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    1 month ago

    Can’t blame those that don’t get to choose their birthday. Astrology says we’re all programmed at birth and don’t have the free will.

    Blame the parents.

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    1 month ago


    Pisces babies are never wanting to copy anyone. We're usually the unapologetic otherworldly trend setters. 

    🥴😊 My mommy was a Gemini. I loved her very much. Probably because I have a Gemini Moon. So... Im one of few who could understand her. 

    My daddy was an Aquarius. I admired his humble demeanor. But... I never once felt jealous over either. 

    🥴 Geminis are very hard to please and accommodate. And Aquarians are passive. So... Ive had issues trying to domesticate one and revive the other. 😄

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