Can you combine a Single Family Housing loan and a separate loan to afford a house in California?

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    standard mortgages for residential single family house will require you to have the money for your down payment and closing costs BEFORE the final underwriting review. So you can't get a mortgage first then get another loan afterword for the remaining amount.

    And if you borrow the money from the other loan first then the underwriter for the primary mortgage will see the loan on your record and factor it into your qualifications. In most cases this will result in your loan being denied or in some cases the loan will be changed to much less favorable terms such as higher interest rates.

    the mortgage lending process is fairly bulletproof, its nearly impossible to "trick" banks into giving you a mortgage that you wouldn't qualify for by just being honest about your finances. And if you do find some way to trick them, its probably considered fraud which would generally be a felony with the amount of money involved in a mortgage loan.

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    Not usually.....

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