Kidney infection?

Last night i noticed my pee was a light brown color, so i thought it could be dehydration so after drinking water and my pee turned clear, in the morning around 4am i woke to urinate and noticed it was light brown again but a bit lighter than last night and when i went back to bed i started getting pain on my back on the lower right and it was painful dont know if its relatable or i just slept wrong, couldnt sleep anymore so i just drank water and it started to go away and havent peed brown anymore and it was clear and its starting to look normal light yellow color but the back pain still comes and go but not as bad

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Can’t say. Your kidneys are high up your back under the ribs. Brownish urine could be from blood from anywhere in the urinary tract but also from liver problems or even diet. A simple urine dip would be better than just guessing 

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