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Bill asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 1 month ago

Feminists, why is it acceptable to dehumanize men and reduce them to sperm, but wrong to objectify women and reduce them to sex objects?

Sperm banks dehumanize men as a matter of practice and the women that go there pick over the men like objects for no other purpose than to get their sperm and have a baby. That's all perfectly acceptable, but when a man decides that women only have value for their vagina then all of sudden it's awful. How does that work exactly?

Oh and btw, consent doesn't remove the dehumanizing factor when it comes to how sperm banks operate. It's also not a human right to get the sperm from a man, so this whole "we can't shutdown sperm banks because it removes a woman's right" is utter bullsh*it. 

It's also a garbage argument to suggest that consent removes all dehumanizing factors from the practice. When you reduce men to sperm, and discriminate against them based on characteristics in order to eliminate the undesirable men then you are in fact dehumanizing them. 

Also, this is a repost thanks to report monkey always favoring censorship over actually putting out a valid argument.


@Liz: What part of consent doesn't change the dehumanizing elements of the practice do you not get? 

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  • liz
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    1 month ago

    I can see what you’re trying to say but the men who donate sperm are doing it willingly and they presumably want to help women who have problems with infertility- in themselves or with their male partners.  As long as everyone on all sides is doing it willingly, nobody is doing wrong to my mind.  It hurts nobody and solves people’s reproductive issues. Whether or not to introduce the biological dad to the child is another question.

    When women become surrogate mothers, they are doing the same thing and I’ve not heard of people saying they are objectifying themselves by giving people access to their wombs for the purpose of incubating a new baby. These women want to help infertile couples. They aren’t going to worry about being objectified.

    OP - what part of consent cancelling any idea of dehumanising actions do you not follow?  When we give consent we act as humans and are not dehumanised. 

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