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Ortho said my leg is atrophying? How long does it take to atrophy??? It is also smaller than my other please help?

I suffered a foot and knee sprain by falling and twisting my foot and knee as I fell. Pain was severe any weight bearing hurts my leg i was given pain meds now I’m on Celebrex which sorta helps but not enough. I spent about a month and 2 weeks mostly bedridden and getting up only to use the bathroom or cook something quick. I also use crutches. I saw my ortho on the 5th and he said it’s starting to this normal or abnormal I’m 27! Could a month and 2 weeks really have made me start losing muscle!? My leg is smaller than my uninjured leg. Since my appt iceberg been walking more on it but my leg hasn’t regained the muscle.. I start PT tomorrow... I’m worried and waiting to have an MRI please help is it abnormal that it started atrophying so quick I’m young:/


I just started PT yesterday! I really like my new PT, I also asked her and she said it can start pretty fast and that it will take triple the time to regain the muscle i lost... oh my so 4 months from now basically!

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    All it means is that your muscles are weak due to not using it. Physio will sort that out. It is not instant, could take several weeks.

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    Put DMSO/water solution on the leg and drink it.

    For the leg 50:50 solution. 

    To drink:  300ml + 2 or 3 ml of DMSO 

    You cannot overdose it but you need to take it with water.

    Dmso works as a painkiller, transport vitamins and reduce inflammation. It is not tasty but works and it is a natural product. 

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    You haven’t done anything for awhile so it’ll start to atrophy. Just do some light weight exercises like walking in a pool. The water will offer some resistance so you’ll start building some muscles. 

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