Can a baby give themselves baby shake syndrome?

So my son is 9 months old. Here lately when I put him in the crib the first thing he does is grab ahold of the railing and pull himself up on to his feet, sometimes he will bounce up and down and other times he will force his arms and body in a back and forth motion causing his entire body and little head to rock back and forth and he does it pretty dang hard. I've even seen him do it so hard that it has caused him to fall back in his crib and land on his butt. I've seen him do it in the crib and in his play pen. (Not to be funny at all because it is no laughing matter but just to give an idea of the amount of force) he literally looks like a rag doll when he does it. At first I thought it was cute but I've even made comments to him like "oh my gosh honey you're going to give yourself baby shake syndrome."

Now all-day today he has been pretty sleepy, fussy and kind of out of it for no apparent reason which prompted me to 'Google' the topic and now I'm wondering, can a baby give themselves baby shake syndrome?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    I doubt it. He's too old for that. But something is wrong. Do you have a regular bedtime for him? Do you have one of those things that attach to the crib and have fish swimming around and music? Those sooth kids to slip. My daughter at 9 months would sometimes wake up at night and turn that thing on herself- I could hear the music. Then she'd go back to sleep. If he's fussy and sleepy, it's more likely an illness or teething. 

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