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I dreamt I had to go next door to get some wood paneling, and the lady was in a towel ?

She walked past me and I said it's just me from next door. Then they were having a pool party but some of the other guys there did not like me and were wondering what I was doing there?

I had hoped for peace.


No she was young, my age. 

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    Well, your neighbor was an old old lady?  It seems as if you were where you were not wanted, or not supposed to be.  Inside the house with the women and her towel, and at the pool party.  They were wondering what you were doing there.  They didn't know you were the neighbor, there for the wood paneling.  Clearly this dream is about being where you are not accepted.  So look to your real Life, and ask yourself where am I feeling like I don't belong? When you figure that out you will have a better understand of your symbolic dream.     

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