Grammar and sentence check please!?

Dr. Buckley, who wrote an article of 'Bridging the Breast Cancer Divide,', claimed that a December 2913 New York Times article's statement is true however, it lacked evidences especially based on geographical data. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    It lacked -evidence-.  'Evidence' is an 'uncounted noun' meaning that you say more or less evidence, not 6 evidences or 12 evidences.

    Also the comma after 'however' should be before it.  'However' doesn't need to be followed with a comma.  And there should be a comma after 'evidence'.  It lacked evidence, especially based on geographical data.

    Also a Dr. who can read articles in a newspaper 900 years in the future is in the wrong job!  He could make much more as a psychic!

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