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smell and taste ****** up?

for the past 2 months, my smell and taste have been ****** up.

i first noticed it when i had a sip of diet coke and was like "wow whats wrong with this stuff, it tastes so bitter and gross" and its been like that for 2 months, on almost all soda except orange soda.

around christmas i noticed peppermint tastes different too. i cant explain it, it just tastes weird, less minty and more sweet.

then like a week ago the way strawberry tastes has changed. it tastes like cranberry juice mixed with urine. 

its tge same with smell too, it all smells different.

if its relevant, i had covid about 5 months ago but in didnt notice these taste changes until 2 months ago.

also, i am not pregnant. ive asked other people and they suggested i was pregnant, but thats literally impossible because ive never even seen a penis irl, certainly not touched or had sex with one.

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