Living in a triplex with shared septic, how can you tell which apartment is causing a clogged septic line?

So I live in a triplex. I've been here 1 year. The septic has been clogged many times. Toilets not flushing, shower not draining. Other 2 tenants were evicted 1 week ago. The lines were clogged again today. Landlord said it's me and my son clogging the lines and when I tried to tell her for the second time we do not use BABY WIPES and we put our toilet paper in the trash can to avoid this she says I'm in denial. Even my autistic son said we dont flush paper nor use wipes. I have no reason to lie to her. The white PVC cap they opened was in the middle unit and that's where stuff was coming out. Baby wipes and dunkin donut napkins. How can she say its us just because we're the only ppl here now. The stuff that came out wasn't from us. Is there a way to prove it's from one of the other apartments? I feel like she is going to try to evict us next but this triplex has had issues before we even moved in. I don't feel it's fair that she thinks I'm lying about this. I was told the last tenants moved because of this same issue.

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  • 1 month ago

    If you are the only tenant there then nobody else could have caused a current clog.  How can it be comming from one of the other units if they are vacant???!!!

  • 1 month ago

    If you're the only tenant who else can you blame?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your story is not believable.  No wonder the landlord doesn't believe you.  Nobody in their right mind puts toilet paper in the garbage.  Why aren't you buying appropriate toilet paper, for septic tanks?  That said, they can only tell which unit the clog came from if the clog is in the individual pipes - BEFORE they run together to one main line and flow to to the road - the pipes under the road.  Your story is not credible so you good luck convincing the ll.   My money is on the landlord on this one.

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  • Hannah
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    1 month ago

    The PVC cap is the septic clean-out, and there may only be just the one that serves all three of your units.  It just happens to be located in front of the middle unit.  The septic lines from each toilet ONLY (showers have nothing to do with septic systems) in each unit run together to this PVC cap, then all join together and run out to the street, presumably to the city septic system.  

    To find out which line is clogged and where, a septic company will have to come out and scope the lines with a camera.  Finding and repairing a clogged line isn’t cheap or easy and may involve digging up landscaping, removing a driveway/sidewalk, taking out a toilet, etc. 

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