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Sister almost died is on ventilator?

I am so upset I can’t see my sister who lost her pulse for awhile and is now on a ventilator from a possible heart attack . She is 27 and I can’t see her because of covid regulations. She doesn’t know where she’s at or what happened and I has no form of contact with us. I’m so sick to my stomach thinking about her waking up and freaking out not knowing what’s going on. Is this a normal thing f to feel so upset about ? 

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    Yes, but I'm sure the nurses and other medical people will reassure her. Try not to worry.  Prayer helps me.  Look up Philippians 4:6-8 in the New Testament.   

    I will pray for you and your sister also.  Please read the Gospel of John.   In fact, read the entire New Testament.  Lots of answers to life's problems in the Bible. God loves you. 

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    So many people have lost loved ones during this pandemic, some from the pandemic & some from normal health issues.  I know is is hard not to be able to see her but with the Covid, you can't.  This is something you have to accept cause you can't do anything about it.  Not one thing you can do to change any of this.

    When she wakes up there will be nurses to help her recognize where she is & why she is there.  She will know why you cannot be there with her & will have to accept that.  I know you are scared & want to be with her but it is just impossible at this time.

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