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When a homeowners association bans its property manager from using community resources due to his violations: normal?

My homeowners association has a community-wide email list that all members of the community can use to email each other and the whole community.  Each message that you send is stamped with the terms of use: no illegal content, no threats, no offensive content, etc.

The association's property manager used to fight with owners, using the email list.  They'd accuse him of stealing or something, and he'd call them liars.  All over email.

Yesterday the association sent around an email to the whole community, stating that the property manager had been banned from using the list due to violating its terms of service, so it would be necessary to email the property manager directly.

Is it normal to ban a property manager from using a homeowners' association's common resources, such as an email list?

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    No far from normal. They should be fired not just baned.

  • 1 month ago

    I would be more normal to fire the property manager.

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    I think a better question would be whether it is normal to keep a property manager who (1) calls the owners liars, (2) violates the terms of service, and (3) is suspected of stealing.  I'm not sure that banning him from the email list is enough.  Perhaps the association should consider firing him and hiring someone who doesn't steal, doesn't call the owners liars, and will comply with the terms of service.

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  • Anonymous
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    What you're describing sounds more like harassment or slander.  It would make sense if they fired him, but this could be a step they're taking before actually terminating him.

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    1 month ago

    Only if they fired the property manager or he quit. 

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