Why this summer my cats do not have fleas?

My 2 cats are 9 years old, I have had them from the day they were born. Every summer from the 1st week in October until last week of February I had to give them their flea treatment. A couple of times I forgot and the result was bad, one time I had to take one cat to the vet for an anti histamine shot after fleas bit her. But this summer - nothing - not one flea to be seen!, I bought their flea treatment but its still in the box, I have closely examined both my cats, they are healthy and happy and completely flea free. But what could be the reason for this, I never saw a summer go by without fleas, we had cats in our family for nearly 50 years.

I thought of 3 possible reasons.

1. Its been a slightly cooler summer with above average rainfall, although nothing really that unusual, could climate change keep fleas away?

2. Because of the COVID situation many people movements and placements have changed, could something have affected the fleas environment or breeding cycle?

3. Perhaps my cats are just getting old and staying home more?

What do you suggest it could be, its not a problem of course, quite the opposite, but just curious to know why?

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  • 1 month ago
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    You have made one of the most interesting observations of the year I have already brought this to the attention of the CDC. Many years ago the flea was the vector of the Black plague. There is a very good possibility that the flea could also be the vector of the coronavirus.

    The reason for the reduced population of the fleas is that they were killed because of being infected by the coronavirus. A virus has the properties of causing blood to release toxins when it multiplies in the blood fleas are walking blood bags having fed off of other creatures.

    it's quite possible that fleas and parasitic insects are the real vectors of the coronavirus

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

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  • Beth
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    1 month ago

    I would have surmised that there were fewer fleas due to a drought. It is dry where I live, and there are no fleas to speak of. However, you said that it was wetter than normal, so it might be the relative cool temperature.

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