Excessive bloating and gas, center upper abdomen pain.?

So about a week ago I had a pin prick sensation about 4 inches above my belly button. Didn’t think much of it as it was off and on for about 2 or 3 days and I just thought I was getting sick. Fast forward to today, about 8 days later, and I have extreme bloating and gas. Literally burping nonstop to relieve pressure. Same spot on my stomach is painful but that is also where I feel the bloating. I also feel generally unwell, like I have a stomach bug. A little nauseous but have not thrown up or had any diarrhea. 

Things that could have triggered. 

1. In the past 8 days I did notice multiple meals where I didn’t chew very well and the food went down very slow.

2. I ate chipotle at the very beginning of all this and remember feeling like it didn’t sit well.

3. I was eating too many walnuts. They were out all the time and I would just grab handfuls multiple times a day. 

What worries me is my symptoms seem to be getting progressively worse even though I have corrected all of the above 3 things in the last 4-5 days. Thoughts?

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