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Were the massive protests in Belorussia this last Summer 2020 funded by the same people funding BLM? Soros? others? why?


whatever came of that btw? and are these massive groups who were protesting also tied to the people around Alexei Navalny? is that why he was maybe poisoned? people suspect him of being a hired politician by the west? and a US or EU funded politician to change Russia to be more like them?

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    It seems SOMEONE benefits from stoking these fires in Tunis, Morocco, Egypt, Ukraine, B'yelarus, Georgia (Tbilisi, not Atlanta)  just to name a few. In Georgia  for SOME reason, the NFL (unknown outside USA) Houston Texans' emblem was hoisted on poles in the crowd. WHY Houston, I pondered. Finally a message came thru from "Curveball", bush ii's cohort in Iraq War ii. 

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