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How do I get a fishing hook out of my dogs lip?

My dog got a small fishing hook stuck in it's upper lip. I tried pulling it out with no success, he doesn't seem to be in pain. How much would a Vet Charge?

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  • Justin
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    2 months ago
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    The barb is normally the culprit which gets lodged deep into the skin and disappears in there. You need to try to expose it enough so you can cut under it with pliers or wire cutters. Pulling on it while it is still in is useless. It is designed NOT to slip off. It has to be backed out enough to expose it. The human hand usually can't get the leverage needed for this. Exposing the barb head then cutting underneath it is all that the vet will do too, only they will sedate the dog and charge you a lot of money for everything. Pliers will give you the gentle leverage you need to expose the barb enough to do this yourself. 

    It might be cheaper just to get the sedative yourself from Walmart or local pharmacy with 'acepromazine' in it, which a vet can prescribe. If they refuse to do this, then you can use over the counter melatonin. You just want to keep the dog from moving around too much while you work on dislodging the hook, unless you think he is docile enough to let you work. Once you can see what you need to do, it shouldn't take long at all. You need to figure out which direction to gently push or pull to expose the barb head and enough of the rest of the hook so you can cut it, remove the barb and slide the rest of the hook out of your dog's lip, (after cutting below the barb the rest should come out easily like a needle). 

    The 'old fashioned' way to do this is to sedate the dog with a little whiskey and also rub some on the area to help numb it, then do the same thing I described above. Expose the barb head quickly and gently using pliers, cut just underneath it and slide out the rest of the hook. Then clean the small wound with a clean cloth soaked with clean water, mouthwash, peroxide or whiskey until it stops bleeding. 

  • 2 months ago

    Use wire cutters or side cutters. If you cut the barb off, it should slide right out.   Do not try to remove it with the barb attached !

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Hit him with a baseball bat until he passes out, and remove the hook with an

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