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Incomplete Pass, it's 2nd and 10!?

Can the Brownz get out of this hole?


Now 3rd and 3 after a good run, they really need a 1st down here...

Update 2:

Oh snap, they got the 1st down!

Update 3:

But now it's 2nd and 10 again...

Update 4:

OK, 6 yard completion, that makes it more manageable on 3rd down

Update 5:

BOOM!  17 yd pass!  Now they have 4 more downs!

Update 6:

Good run on 1st down that time, not so long now

Update 7:

3rd and 3 coming up after a small gain on 2nd down

Update 8:

That's the end of the 3rd quarter, it will be a bit before the next update

Update 9:

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Update 10:

Wow!  4 yd pass to pick up the 1st down!

Update 11:

:-0 10 yd run for ANOTHER 1st down!

Update 12:

4 yd run, the are officially in the Red Zone now, it's 2nd down and 6 yards to go

Update 13:

Uh oh, incomplete pass.  If they don't make it they might go for it on 4th down since they need 2 TD's 

Update 14:

3 yd pickup on 3rd down.  Decision time.  I would go for it, 3 pts isn't enough to start this comeback.

Update 15:

5 yd pass!  It's a 4th down conversion!

Update 16:

4 yd run, one more of those and they will have a much-needed TD

Update 17:

No soap on 2nd down, incomplete pass.  Have to believe they will go for it on 4th down again unless they lose big yardage here though

Update 18:

TOUCHDOWN!!!!   Wow!  Who'da thunk it???

Update 19:

Now they got the Extra Point as well, they're only down by 5

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    It's doubtful.     

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