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Will the 2020s be anything like the 1920s?

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    If you're talking about an economic boom caused by people's desire to go out and have a good time after WWI and the Spanish flu epidemic, yes. There's a pent up desire to travel, to eat out in restaurants-- I know people who are just waiting to get the vaccine to book a cruise. 

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    No, it will be a much better decade.  People tend to have negative ideas about the 1920’s because of the decade which followed, but forget that they were actually called the Roaring Twenties.  

    This decade has been characterised by a pandemic, but it’s not the first time we have had one and it won’t be the last.  It’s just the first time we have had a severe one within living memory.  All previous severe ones have ended, and this one will too. 

    We will learn to live with this virus and manage it just like we manage flu.  And we will get back to our normal ways of living just like we had before.  The vaccine is being rolled out now and when we are all vaccinated, this will be possible. The way this decade will differ is that we may well appreciate our normal and convenient lives a lot more. 

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    Like prohibition in the USA, the rise of the mafia and the Wall street stock market crash leading to the great depression?

    That's just a few events I can think of from the 1920's. I'm sure there were good things about that era.

    Today with covid -19 and the threat to peoples health and freedoms plus the rise of left wing/socialist politics in western countries could well mirror another social and  economic depression like the 1920's.

    We will have to wait and see.

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