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Female question?

I’m having a period/discharge problem and I’m going to give dates so hopefully it will make sense more. I also am on birth control and my period has been consistent for awhile now and I should start my period Jan. 19th. 

So Jan. 9th I noticed I was having a little discharge but it was dark brown this time. I haven’t seen anything like this unless it’s days after my period. Throughout this week the amount of the brown discharge has grown, & today which is Jan. 17th it’s almost like it’s so much I could be on my period. The discharge/ blood is not red it’s very dark brown or maybe even black but it does come out just like period the consistency. I have no pains but today I have been feeling a little cramps just like when i start my period. I was trying to wait it out until Tuesday but I am nervous. I also see my doctor early in February so if it continues I will bring it up but just curious if anyone has had this before? 

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    Dark discharge or blood is associated with high iron content. Also, older menstrual discharge and blood is darker because it's older and has been trapped hiding in the glands for some time and finally has worked its way out.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes it is normal for your period to be like that

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    There are no periods on the pill but a withdrawal bleed. Sounds like this is breakthrough bleeding and you might need a stronger brand.

    It's quite common if you have been on one brand for a long time.

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