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Struggling with Pregnancy?

I feel like I'm not doing the best job at being pregnant and I'm really starting to worry. I'm about 19 weeks now and I'm pregnant with twins. I keep reading all this information about the risks with twins and I'm so scared I'm not doing my part to ensure they will come into this world healthy. There are so many don'ts of pregnancy and a lot of them I'm still figuring out. It's so hard going from being able to do all these things and eat whatever and feel whatever to putting yourself on this, what seems like a, never-ending list of restrictions. I've been incredibly stressed and depressed throughout the pregnancy. I'm working so hard to try and be happy and healthy but doing that has always been difficult for me and it seems even more difficult nowadays with all the added hormones and what-ifs I've been having to deal with. 

I just don't know what to do. I'm so worried that something is going to happen to them. Like what if they're born super early and are really little. Or what if my depression has taken a toll on them. I feel so lost. I don't have a partner either so I can't turn to him for any guidance. 

Does anyone have any tips of advice? 


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    First of all~ stop reading the medical sites regarding what to do while you are pregnant. You are literally going to drive yourself nuts trying to make sense of all that garbage.

    Secondly~ If you smoke or drink alcohol stop that immediately. You need to remember the chemicals you take in you are also giving to your babies. 

    Thirdly~ be mindful of the foods a pregnant woman is not supposed to eat. Here are the top 12:

    1. High-mercury seafood

    2. Unpasteurized (raw) milk and juices

    3. Refrigerated meats and deli salads (unless steaming hot)

    4. Raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs

    5. Raw sprouts and unwashed raw produce

    6. Unpasteurized cheese

    7. Energy drinks and excessive coffee

    8. Unripe papaya

    9. Foods with trans fats

    10. Foods with sneaky sugars

    11. Soda and sweetened beverages

    12. High-sodium foods

    Most of these foods you would not find in the marketplace as it is, but some are bad just because of the effects they could have on your sugar or blood pressure. Common sense really. 

    Other than that, just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. You should really look into having a friend be with you for the birth and assist as your birthing coach, and possibly look into getting into taking some birth classes. Those classes not only help you with your labor, but they are very, very informative regarding all aspects of your pregnancy. 

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    Pray and read your bible. Ask God for guidance!

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    Bless you, honestly relax dont worry there is so little u can do to really prevent things from happening, pregnancy is a crazy time but I believe as long as u don't drink or smoke or take drugs etc etc your babies will be fine , stress and depression can affect the babies but im here to tell you its ok please don't worry, its easier said than done im on my 5th pregnancy atm and I stil panic about evry little twinge even though u would think id be more relaxed but u just gotta breathe and think there is nothing u can realy control here , I'm not really sure what to say to reassure u but if u want someone to talk you through things id happily give u my personal contact like fb detail or something if u just need a friend to talk to? Its totally upto you   ill keep and eye on this question if u add anything ill edit my comment or someway of getting another message to u so we can talk .

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