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what Bruce Lee movies you recommend?

i watched Enter the Dragon and enjoyed it, what else should I watch of his?

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  • Steel
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    1 month ago

    He was a child actor, but if you mean his martial arts films, there aren't even that many to choose from since he had such a premature death. My favorite is "Return of the Dragon" (US) / "Way of the Dragon" (Asia), followed closely by "The Chinese Connection" (US) / "Fists of Fury" (Asia). The others are:

    "Fists of Fury" (US) / "The Big Boss" (Asia),

    "Enter the Dragon" (like you mentioned), and

    "Game of Death", which Anonymous and Weasel McWeasel mentioned. I'd like it more if not for the terrible effects of superimposing Bruce Lee's stationary face on a double's body since it was distracting, along with reusing footage from his prior movies. The film's climax with Lee fighting several different martial artists as he ascends a tower was a cool concept, though, and those scenes make it worth suffering through what transpires before that.

  • 1 month ago

    Enter the Dragon

    Return of the Dragon

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    None of his other movies will compare because they're not hollywood pictures.

    I suggest return of the dragon after first of fury.

    Then theres only 1 1/2 more, so honestly just watch them all.

    He has a cameo in marlon?

    Game of death was good but they used  Bruce Lee look a like doubles and footage from other movies edited in with these fake Bruce lee actors. You only see him in the last 15 minutes sadly.

    Ita actually not a bad movie though and has good motorcycle stunts, fights, music, and supporting actors. It was filmed after enter the dragon.

    Chinese connection was ok, but horribly dubbed like an old jacky chan movie.

    It's boring except for the fight scenes. Takes place in olden times China. It has shirtless bruce lee taking on lots of people like in enter the dragon.

    Fist of fury "big boss" is very good and solid. Filmed in thailand.

    Return of the dragon is goofy like a comedy, but has good action and takes place in Rome.

    You see more to his charactery side.

    Hope this helps.

  • 2 months ago

    Game of Death.

    with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  it's amazing how lightning fast a guy that big and lanky could move!

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Olive
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    2 months ago

    Honestly my fav one and im sure youd enjoy it too Fists Of Fury. Where he works in an Ice House and gotta deal with thugs

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