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Should one be concerned with a hospital that has a high number of deaths that are unrelated to the reason the patients were admitted?

There are two hospitals in the town I live in. One of them seems to have an oddly high number of people coming in for relative!y minor reasons, and then either dying, or suddenly crashing and only barely being saved. And before then, they weren't showing signs of those kinds of problems. I know there are going to be some cases like that. Sometimes things can be missed until it's too late. However, this happens much more often at one of the hospitals here than it does at the other, and the one that it happens more at, generally, has much fewer patients.


Almost every person that I have known that has died at this hospital has died under these circumstances.

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    Considering you said NOTHING about why the patients went to the hospital, OR how they died, and didn't give the SLIGHTEST HINT what hospitals so we could at least attempt to confirm or refute your claim, I don't believe you could NAME 2 hospitals.

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    I love these statements where the poster doesn't supply evidence of their claim.  "Almost every person that I have known that has died at this hospital has died under these circumstances."  Again, where's the proof of your claim?

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    Yes, one should be VERY concerned about that.

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    where are you getting your figures from ? 

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    Maybe, but not always.  If it is because the hospital isn't treating patients well or because it doesn't clean enough to keep patients from infecting each other, yes.  If it's because the hospital specializes in patients who have multiple medical problems and are on the verge of death from one, but are being admitted for another (for example, someone with incurable cancer who can't be saved, but is being admitted for something else to reduce their pain or prolong their life until the cancer kills them). no.

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    Yes, I do think it’s alarming. It shows that clearly the hospital is lacking when it comes to patient Saftey and clearly Protocol more than likely isn’t being followed.  

     The problem that someone who doesn’t work in a hospital {I’m a registered nurse} faces is they fail to see that truly every hospital.. really isn’t all that great to be in for an extended period of time. 

     When your aren’t getting your daily range of motion in and daily hygiene criteria isn’t being met {which more often than not is not being done daily} your body will begin to debilitate. 

     Another problem that the outside world really doesn’t see is that dementia/psychiatric patients get extremely heavy medication daily. They are way over medicated and it’s sad because this is the reality. Being heavily medicated like that is really not good for your body. When a patient is combative, kicking hitting spitting etc we literally have no choice but to restrain them and med them up. {the worst is when we have to restrain children} 😭

     The problem is I have seen firsthand why you shouldn’t put your trust in the hands of doctors. {I literally watched a doctor prescribe someone too much fentanyl and actually had to narcan the patient himself}.. .{it was also a life & death situation but still}.. I have watched nurses give out the wrong doses of morphine. I get that Human error is inevitable but you really need to be careful when people’s very lives are on the line. 

    The hospital is chaos. Trust me. It’s like a war zone daily. So much sadness everyday. Us nurses go through a lot that goes unseen. 

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