Liverpool 0 - 0 Manchester United FT - Post Match thoughts/reactions EPL Regs ?

Fair result ?

Rate the game out of 10 btw

I gave it a 6.25 lol

that said,  The hairiest moment for us reds was Bruno Fernandes's freekick in the first half, fecking hell that was a close shave!

We had chances, we broke into the final  third and into the pen area but lacked that bit of luck as well as ruthleless clinical finishing we've all grown accustomed to by SMF

nevertheless, both sides cancelled each other out and I felt United gave a good account of themselves and will feel pleased leaving Anfield with a share of the spoils.  After all, they came to the home of the Champions this afternoon don't forget.

Now you must admit, this season has been quite competitive thus far has it not ?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Well, there's no question who was better in the first half, but once we weathered that storm and held on, we looked more of a threat.

    In terms of clear-cut chances, I don't know the exact amount, but I think it was about even, so maybe fair in that aspect.

    Nice to see our away form winning, because I think a draw is a better result for us, than it is for you guys, but we definitely had a chance or two to steal the game, with Rashford's run and Pogba forcing Allison into a save.

    Those really frustrated me, as they were gold chances and how sweet would it have been to do that.

    Some good defending at times from both sides and whilst I'm okay to get something from Anfield, I'm still disappointed that we didn't steal it, because you just have to find a way to get a result, especially if you want to win as many games as possible, because I highly doubt any team that goes on to win, dominates and get's the result in the same game, every time, there's always a bit of luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    United could’ve scored with 2 brilliant chances from Pogba and Fernandes. Too bad they shot right at the GK, they should work on more on their accuracies.

  • listen bud considering the situation in defence, i have to be satisfied with the result., thought Shaquiri did well, Alcantarra  was  reasonable, again though Bobby nowhere near his industrius best...and as well we dominated large ok fair acceptable result and performance, 6.25 sounds good to me ..MOTM?  for me 

    Fabinho,  just a releif not to lose it tbh..


    and yanks plz remember.....  FOOTBALL one game ONE name.

  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    The result is not good for Liverpool or United, it's brilliant for Man City though. Awful game just had some moments. This derby game is dead if a title race can't save it nothing can

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Manchester United were the better team. 

  • BJJ
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    1 month ago

    I didn't see the game but I'm not the only one happy with the draw 

    And I've said before if any team finish above liverpool this season then they will probably be the champions 

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