How Long Before I Can Weight Bear Sprained Ankle?

I slipped on the ice yesterday and pretty badly sprained my ankle. Went to my local walk in centre today. Was told no breaks.Was given a pair of crutches and a compression tubigrip thingy. Nurses told me to avoid weight bearing for atleast a week because i was in serious pain. They sent me on my way but didn't teach me how to use  the stairs so that was fun. Anyways should i wait the week and see how painful it is to weight bear and then if the pain has eased slowly start putting weight on it. Or should i try  earlier. Because they said based on my pain levels that i should be non weight bearing for a week or two.


What i meant to say was is their advice of me waiting a week or two a bit long or should i follow it strictly... Because i read elsewhere that its usually between 2-3 days before you should start weight bearing.

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  • 1 month ago

    First, you never try and stretch it or use it through the pain--that is just tearing the tendons more. Keeping off it a week is relatively prudent. then if you start weight bearing and it hurts, you back off. Tendons heal slowly and further damage by using it too soon can result is arthritis and continued pain and longer healing. Much depends on how bad the sprain is, A grade 3 can be worse than a break.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nurses are stupid you know they just pick figures out of the air, no idea what they are talking about after years of training.

    However on answers everyone is an expert, so decide for yourself who is right.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The last time I sprained an ankle it took almost two weeks before I could put any weight on it.  One week is an absolute minimum unless you want to mess it up even more.  

  • As painful as it is, the actual best thing is to keep walking and make yourself ride through the pain.

    I did this once. I was walking and trailing a suitcase behind me and suddenly, one of my feet twisted and the pain was eye watering, but I manage to limp and it seemed fine, when I reached my destination, but the next morning, it had swollen up badly and throbbing like mad, but I had to be somewhere that day, so after suspecting what I had to do, I confirmed it via searching online and yes, it was sickeningly painful, but I went from not being able to put my foot on the floor, to actually walking normally and it just got better. No bandages and no medication and today, it is fine and that was like 7 year's ago.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    ' Nurses told me to avoid weight bearing for at least a week'. What part of that advice don't you understand?

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