I'm learning C++ and wanted to study around a project I want to do (But im not sure it's possible)?

Essentially, I want to make a "Work Report Generator" for my Dad. The way it would work would look like this, my dad simply fills out text boxes in the program and then after confirming it, a work report would be generated with all of the information in the correct places. Because right now, I made a work report in word with text spaces for him to fill out, but he says it feels wonky and it's a bit of a hassle to fill the whole report in comparison to just doing it on a piece of paper. So my question is, if it's possible to make a program that lets him write the information in a linear manner, with the software generating a report with all of the info adjusted. thx in advance

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  • EddieJ
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yes, it's possible, but your dad might still consider it a hassle.

    If you have the determination, it might still be worthwhile, because you'll learn what it takes to deal with all the little problems that can come up with a project that might sound straightforward at first glance.

    One thing I'd ask is: How good does the report have to look?  MS Word provides many formatting possibilities that would be difficult to produce with C++.

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