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What Are Scorpio Mothers Like ?

There are lower frequency / demonic behaviors each sign has to work through. For Libras, it may be there need to monopolize the areas they come into. Leos may* struggle with their need to always have have approval even when there wrong. 

Now Scorpios are very interesting. I believe they accomplish great feats career wise, but I believe that it’s there obsessive tendencies that get them their accomplishments. It’s not a bad thing, it’s simply an observation. 

The October Scorpios - 

They are pretty decent parents but they do weaponize favoritism. You’ll have a great time with them depending on whether or not your their favorite. It’s pretty easy to be their favorite child: perform well, stay respectful, contribute when you see them struggling. Don’t point out that they’re struggling, just silently contribute.

The early November Scorpios -

They are the ones who are a hot mess from my experience and observation because they’re reasoning skills are a little off. 

For example, a November 1-10 Scorpio mother justifies the fact that she never cooks for her only child because she never learned. Instead of actively learning, she would alternate between basic pasta recipes and Chinese/Japanese/Island delivery and take-out. Her 5’6 child of about 119 - 122 lbs., developed a high glucose intolerance and severe iron deficiency due to poor dieting and internal bleeding in her organs. The mother has not taken upon herself to learn how to cook.

Let that sink in..

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    2 weeks ago

    ay im an only child n my moms a scorpio i love her she's a good person and she cooks really well 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    ay im an only child n my moms a scorpio i love her she's a good person and she cooks really well 

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    1 month ago

    A person's zodiac Sign is ONLY their Sun sign .. just 2% of their astrological personality, but it is the only part of the natal chart that is easy to find ... so it is easy for writers to make money writing about them.  But that's not astrology.

    The Sun ONLY indicates how the person relates to themselves -- how they try to find an inner sense of wholeness about themselves -- so it will not tell you anything else about a person.

    In real astrology the 5th Houses indicates anything we create that reflects back to us about who we are ... so the 5th House is creativity of the mind (artistic/musical/etc creativity) and creativity of the body (our children).  Also romantic love (since our lover reflects back to us who we are).

    You cannot find the 5th House unless you do up the natal chart based on the exact moment of virth, the full birthdate, the place of birth. Plenty of websites will calcculate natal charts for free if you have that information.  I recommend either or

    Once you have the natal chart in front of you, look at these influences on the 5th House:

    (1) The Sign on the cusp of the 5th - this indicates the general style of behaviors with which they approach any 5th-House matter, including parenting style.

    (2) The Planet which "rules" that Sign ... which need/planet it is that is associated with parenting, the Sign/style of behaviors represented by the Sign that ruling planet is in, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how that need/planets interacts with ("aspects") any of the OTHER 9 needs/planets.  Also which House the Ruling Planet is in, because that is what area fo life affects how they parent.

    (3) Any Planets IN the 5th House ... considering which planet it is, what Sign it is in, and especially what aspects it makes to other planets in the natal chart.

    Taken all together, these give specific and complex information about how the person parents.  But the person's Sun Sign is useless for this question.

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    1 month ago

    You right. And they manipulative narcissists 🤮. ✌🏼

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    1 month ago

    There is no question here, just you spouting ridiculous rants. Since when has there been twenty-four signs? With the dividing point the first day of the month? 

    Why should we accept your statements as factual? How many individuals did you spend your free time observing? To cover all the signs (now doubled) and genders it must hundreds. Doubtful that you actually did the work.

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