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Why are the vast majority of survivalists white?

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    Because we're the ones with targets on our heads.

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    Until this question, I'd never had thought about this, but you're right, I believe.

    Maybe fear ?  Fear of losing so-called control perhaps ? Or just fear of the unknown, or even a sense of insecurity.

    Deep down, I think we're all afraid of the future in some way, but have different ways of dealing with it.

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    A lot of them are former military and are suffering from PTSD. Some of the ones that were arrested say they miss killing. Maybe we should look at our warfare tactics? 

    The GOP told Romney he couldn't win without Minority votes, and Trump said, "Oh, yeah? Watch me!" and pulled a lot of racists out from under their rocks.

    The reason Trump won the Electoral College in 2016 was because Paul Manafort fed campaign polling data to the Russians, then they pinpointed what obscure counties in swing states esp. Wisconsin & Michigan for Trump to hold rallies in to juice & goose the turnout. Some people might call that collusion, but hey, there's no such law on the books.

    Trump's still in disbelief that he didn't have that same advantage in 2020. He never could admit that he wouldn't have won in 2016 without Putin's help, and losing 2020 reinforced that. It's hard to get rid of the name Trump but it will always be synonymous with "Sore Loser." 

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