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How likely can a woman get pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

This woman is blaming me for her pregnancy and I didn’t even have an orgasm inside of her. I can feel when I have pre-ejaculation and I didn’t have it. On top of all of this, she is showing resistance to having an abortion. I am close to finishing  my MBA after many years of putting it off, and I told her I didn’t  want a child. She has basically moved in with me because she’s incapable of providing for herself. She can’t keep a job and has failed at everything in her life. Who knows who is truly the father, but I would rather pay for the abortion to absolve myself from the potential fate of raising a child with and inept person like her.  Every night she gives me another excuse of why she should keep the child and every night we argue until she cries and I have a headache and exhausted. Just two more weeks and all of this will be over, and she will be out of my life for good. Sorry if I am venting, I have no one else to talk to about this. Any words of encouragement for me through this difficult process will be appreciated.

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    high possibility

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    Bruv u idiot my mother and step father had unprotected sex and used the pull out method while they were dating and my sibling was born. It is entirely possible to impregnate someone even when you pull out. Youre truly uneducated when it comes to how the body works 

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     Not likely but crazier things have truly happened too dxj

     . . . . . . . . . .


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    I am shocked that a guy with the intelligence to pursue a MBA could be so ignorant.

    Hey-YOU are the one who  chose to have unprotected sex with this undesirable woman. By doing so, YOU chose the mother of your child! Silly Boy!

    Also... another fact that you are unaware of ... unprotected sex makes unwanted babies.You have NO idea that you can make a baby when having sex, even though you say you had no fluid coming out of your penis. Which is impossible during intercourse .

    You know that ridiculous "pull out method?" well, there are MILLIONS of "pullout" children roaming the earth. All of those males " PUT" those people on earth with the fluid that came out of their penis when they didn't even realize it. you are No different than the rest of the guys who deny parenthood through their uneducated "supposed knowledge".

    If your life and your goals do not include unwanted children, then your actions go against your words.


    It is HIGHLY likely for pregnancy to happen when birth control is not used! DUH!

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    This is a great example of why men should use condoms.

    Kick her out.

    Let her do whatever she wants.

    When she comes after you for child support - demand a DNA test.

    But - know that it only takes ONE sperm.  You can't possibly "feel" every little drop that might ooze out of you during the excitement of sex.  

    If you are so concerned about not having a child right now - use a condom.

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    Chances are slim to none.  I wouldn’t have let her move in with me without that paternity test.  Get that paternity test and make it official before you get the time limit of commonlaw marriage and kick her out right away

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    Any penetration can result in a sperm getting in and conception occurring.  If you don't want to be a father, don't have unprotected sex -- ever.

    Here are some thoughts:

    1. There are non-invasive paternity tests. You submit a cheek swab from the presumptive father along with a blood draw sample from the pregnant woman. The lab can separate fetal DNA from maternal DNA and compare the fetal DAN to that of male sample. 

    2. Why are you involved with a woman who you don't like, don't trust, and don't want to be with?  Why are you even allowing her to stay in your home? Call her parents or friends and evict her. 

    3. You may need a lawyer. And you'll definitely need a paternity test. If she goes through with the pregnancy and the child is yours, you'll have some legal and financial obligations. 

    4. You can't force someone to have an abortion.  You can strongly encourage her to see a doctor, a pregnancy counselor, or a regular counselor.  She needs guidance from an objective professional to help her understand her options and the obligations/consequences of any choices she makes. 

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    Sex without birth control is the single most popular way to become parents. 

    Pulling out is not birth control. 

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    Get a paternity test.

    And Millions of sperm are also found in the liquid produced by the penis as soon as it is erect (hard). This means that a man doesn’t have to ejaculate for pregnancy to occur’

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